Additional skills that must be mastered by the goalkeepers

A goalkeeper is not only required to keep the goal from opponent attack but also has an important role in the game is to help the attack especially when his team got a good chance to create a goal against the opponent’s goal. An accurate and timely throw from a futsal goalkeeper to his friend at the time opens the opportunity for a counterattack will be very troublesome opponent’s defense and very potential to produce additional goals. In the meantime, perhaps you may also need to take a look at if you’re looking for a safer type of gloves.

One thing that is important to note by the goalkeeper is to be careful and careful when doing a throw in the direction of the intended target. The ball thrown must be right towards the direction of his friend, not to the point of mistake when the ball goalkeeper landed at the foot of the opponent players and provide opportunities that are quite free to the opposing team to score goals.

Type of Ball Pitch

There are several ways to throw a ball in a futsal game that can be a goalkeeper’s choice to give to his teammates by looking at the situation and conditions on the field match. A goalkeeper can do a short throw to a friend who is closest to him and certainly safe from the opponent’s opponent.

Can also he decided to throw a long-distance ball or parabola to his partner who has a very good position to score goals. Among the types of throwing the ball commonly used by a goalkeeper is throwing the ball down, up, sideways, and javelin.

Tips Throwing a Ball

Some tips and ways to do a throw on the ball on futsal game among others

Put the ball in the hands and grip tightly.

Determine the target to be given the ball.

Open a different footstep with the arm used to throw.

A view to stay focused towards the goal and then point the ball as accurately as possible towards the target and not to get hit by an opponent.

To throw the ball over, the hand that will throw the ball straight behind the body while the opposite hand position and corner of the body towards the target and arch body over the back resting on the waist.

To throw the ball under the ball release on the surface of the field like the movement of throwing the ball bolling.

For a sideways throw is done with a straight motion like a plane that is about to land and release the ball approximately at waist level and rotate on the wrist when removing the ball by spinning/spinning the ball.

To throw the opposite leg knee of the leg bent and move towards the target and release the ball like a movement on throwing the javelin

Ball Kicking Technique

How to do a ball shot by the goalkeeper (Keeper) can be done in a state of the ball held or captured that is done by using a volley technique to give the ball or feed to a friend of his team far enough distance. It can also be utilized in conditions of counterattack for the ball to be quickly received by a targeted friend. This method is felt faster than with the ball thrown by hand. But the important thing is that the ball must be accurate about the target.

It is not easy to be able to do volleyball techniques without any serious training and often sharpening the sharpness of the direction the ball is kicked. The way to do this volley is as follows:

Hold the ball in the palm of the hand opposite to the foot used for kicking.

The position of the body leads to the target and the view of the head towards the ball.

Step out the unused legs kicking forward to lend.

Kick the ball with the back of the foot or the turtle in the center of the ball with a straight leg position.

Allow the legs to move forward a few steps forward while maintaining balance.

Control Technique and Ball Passing

There are times when the ball must be fed back to the goalkeeper (Back Pass) because in a pinched situation then a goalkeeper must also have the ability to control the ball and be able to re-feed the ball to his friend or kick the hull forward or even throw the ball.

Although rarely done in certain circumstances, it certainly takes the alertness of a goalkeeper to help his teammates in a defensive game position. Therefore it is also important for a goalkeeper to master controlling techniques and passing the ball in futsal matches.

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